Abbey Chimney Contractors, LLC has been family owned and operated for over 50 years. Chimneys are our business. Reliable and reputable. 

Video inspections

Chimney Sweep

Relining systems


Video inspections of your fireplace and furnace flues for when buying or selling a home. 

Yearly maintenance of your furnace and/or fireplace flue. As per NFPA 211 standards with wire brush and vacuum and includes a level 1 inspection

If your current flue has broken down due to age or the elements and can no longer contain the flue gases, you will need to reline your existing flue. We utilize Forever Flex Lining systems which are stainless steel and come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty. All parts and labor included in our quotes. No surprises. 

Building chimneys from the ground up or the roof up for over 50 years. 



Stone & Cement Work

All Your Chimney Needs

If you are getting water in your attic or home it may not be the roof, it might be your chimney. Have us take a look and quote you on what might be the problem. 

All masonry jobs, from chimneys to pavers and walls. Repointing and tuck pointing. Outdoor fireplaces and ovens. 

Stone veneers and foundation work. Nothing too big or too small. 

We recently moved into a house with a chimney. Our home inspector did not look at the chimney so before the winter came and we used it, we decided to get it professionally cleaned and inspected. We stopped by a local fireplace store for recommendations after 2 companies that we had appointments with canceled on the day of the appointment. The store said that Abbey Chimney is reliable and would not over charge or make up false chimney issues to get us to pay more money. Maureen from Abbey Chimney is very organized and called ahead to verify the date and time of our chimney cleaning. She and her helper came right on time, smiled and introduced themselves, and then went right to work. Throughout the cleaning, Maureen would seek us out to update us on the progress of the cleaning, letting us know all was going as planned. She made a recommendation for a new blue stone or chimney cap, but stated neither were detrimental and did not have to be redone right away. She mentioned that whichever I chose to do would not be very difficult and could be done on my own to save money. She never pushed to have us use her company for the work, which makes me more likely to use her. She described in detail what could be done and how best to do it. When her helper went on the roof, she went up right after him and took pictures of everything to show us. Our house had a fireplace smell in it and she said it was because the blue stone had never been cleaned, her helper then proceeded to clean the blue stone and we were not charged any extra for it. The smell is now gone. Both were professional, clean, and in and out in under an hour. She answered all our questions, gave us information, and was just a kind person. Use Abbey Chimney and you won't be disappointed, I wasn't.​

Aaron , West Milford, NJ

I had them come in after I had a bad experience with another company. The previous owners of my home used to put their ash down the ash trap, but had never cleaned it. There was ash that was caked into the ash trap and it took Abbey 2 hours to clean it out. It took 8 contractor bags to clean it out and they never charged extra. They did a great job and they took the time to walk me through the work that they had done. I also needed a new flu that the other company installed and Abbey was willing to look over the work that the previous company had done. Also there was no additional charge for the great clean up work that this company performed.


Karen, Montclair, NJ

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